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National Information Assurance Training and Education Center


The National Information Assurance Training and Education Center, NIATEC, is consortium of academic, industry, and government organizations to improve the awareness, training and education standards in Information Assurance. It is the federally designated cornerstone for essential education and training components of a strong Information Assurance initiative.

The center develops components of effective Information Assurance infrastructure for academic, industrial and governmental organizations.

Center of Excellence

The NIATEC is associated with Idaho State University Center of Academic Excellence.

The Centers of Academic Excellence and NIATEC are components of a plan to establish a federal cyber-corps to defend against cyber-based disruption and attacks. The national plan proposed in January 2000 to address the increasing vulnerability to such attacks, emphasizes the role of academia in cyber-defense and calls for active partnerships among private sector, academia, and governmental organizations. Key to building such a cyber-corps is the implementation of robust graduate and undergraduate curricula in Information Assurance.


The Federal Information Systems Security Association has recognized both faculty research and the teaching at Idaho State University and the NIATEC. The director was recently honored by the International Information Systems Security Certifications Consortium (ISC)2 for his lifetime contribution to the profession with designation as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Effective Information Assurance starts with each of us assuming responsibility for our own systems.


National standards for Information Assurance have been developed by the NIATEC.  These include (ISC)2, NSTISSIC, CNSS and NIST.


Teaching Materials The NIATEC makes teaching and curriculum materials available to all participating institutions. These are made available on Quarterly CD-ROMs.


Best Practices The NIATEC provides a clearing house for best practices in software and Information Assurance


Industry White Papers are provided to and through the NIATEC facility. These allow industry, government and academia to benefit from state of the art research in each domain.