Dr. Corey D. Schou



Corey D. Schou

University Professor of Informatics
Professor of Information Systems
Associate Dean
College of Business
Idaho State University

Dr. Schou is the director of the National Information Assurance Training and Education Center (NIATEC) and the Simplot Decision Support Center (SDSC). These are two key components of the Informatics Research Institute.

In 1996, the Simplot Decision Support Center center was cited by the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) for Outstanding Contributions to the Profession.

Under his leadership, the Information Systems program was designated the National Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education

His research and publication interests include information security and privacy, ethics, collaborative decision making, the impact of technology on organization structure, and the application of technology to managerial decision making. His work has resulted in over 200 monographs, books articles and formal presentations.

Using collaborative tools he designed for curriculum development, he compiled and edited computer security training materials and standards for the Department of Defense and the National Institute of Standards. These have now been adopted across the federal government.

Service and Consulting

He currently serves as the Chair of the Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education (NCISSE). The Colloquium creates an environment for exchange and dialog among leaders in government, industry and academia concerning the need for and utility of information security and information assurance education.

He also serves as the editor of two journals and is the Information Assurance Series editor for a major publisher.

Dr. Schou has designed and developed management information and training systems for organizations as diverse as the Federal Express, Microsoft, Florida Parole Commission, American Bankers Association, Industrial Boiler, and General Motors. He works closely with senior manage­ment at Apple Computer, Microsoft, United Airlines and other major corpora­tions. His consulting and training has been characterized as being highly personalized and results in a mentoring relationship.

Honors and Awards

In 2003, Dr. Schou was appointed as the University Professor of Informatics and in 2002 Dr. Schou was selected as the Outstanding Public Servant for his sustained contributions to the academy.

Dr. Schou was the 2001 recipient of the (ISC)2 Tipton award for outstanding contribution to the computer security discipline.

He was selected as the 1996 Educator of the Year by the Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association and the ISSA service award. In 1997 he received the TechLearn award for contributions to distance education.

He has been selected twice by his college as researcher of the year and has been recognized once for his service record.