Economics Across the Curriculum: Integration of Economic Concepts into Various Disciplines

Natalia V. Smirnova

The Economics-Across-the-Curriculum approach encourages the integration of economic concepts into various disciplines. This helps teachers and students to experience the beauty of interdisciplinary connections among topics and to engage in intellectual inquiry beyond the impermeable walls of a single-subject area. The paper contributes to the literature on economic education by describing the development of a multi-day program of the American Institute for Economic Research that uses the Economics-Across-the-Curriculum approach. The program appeals not only to economics teachers but also to teachers of English language arts, social studies, math, and foreign languages. The participants’ diversity generates cross-pollination of ideas, dynamism, and an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. The integration of economic concepts into various subjects helps students develop critical thinking, informational text analysis, real-world application, and other skills that are transferable to various fields of study, academia, and the workplace. The paper showcases several lessons that were field-tested by participants in their classrooms after the completion of the program. These lessons could serve as catalysts for other innovative ideas for integration of economics across the high-school curriculum.

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