Instructions for Accessing the CoB Upload Site

Video Tutorials

Logging into the site

Uploading files and creating directories

Step-by-step directions

Logging in and accessing your site

Step 1: Once your professor has approved your registration, you can go to and log into the site. Enter your user name and password and click the Log In button. image
Step 2: Once you are logged in you see the following screen. image

Uploading your default.htm file

Step 1: After you created your default page, upload it to the main folder.  To accomplish this, click the Upload button. image
Step 2: In the resulting screen click the Add Files button. image
Step 3: Clicking that button will open the File Dialog window that allows you to select the file that you want to upload, in this case the default.htm file.  So locate it in your local directory and select it. Once you do so, it will be listed on the resulting screen. In order to upload it you need to click the Upload Files button.  (The developer told me that he may omit this step, so don't panic if you don't have to click anything.) image
Step 4: When the file is uploading you will see this screen... image
Step 5: ...and then this screen.  Click the Close button at the bottom to dismiss this screen. image

Adding a Folder & Uploading Files to it

Step 1: To create a new folder click the Add Folder button. image
Step 2: In the subsequent screen type the folder name in the text box and click the Submit button. image
Step 3: The next screen shows the new folder listed under Directories. You can also see the file default.htm in the main directory. To open the new folder click the folder name. image
Step 4: Once you have opened the new folder you can upload files to it by clicking on the Upload button. image
Step 5: As before, click the Add Files button to open the File Dialog window. Select a file. image
Step 6: From the resulting window you can remove that file, add more files, clear the file list, or upload the file.  Click the Upload Files button. image
Step 7: When the file upload is complete you will see a message confirming that the upload is complete.  If you scroll down you will see a Close button near the bottom of the screen.  Click it to display the next window. image
Step 8: This window shows that assn1.htm has been uploaded to the Assn1 folder. image
Step 9: There is a delete file icon (trash can) on the far right, and next to it is a browse icon. To view the file either click the browse icon or click the file name.  It will then be displayed in your default browser. You can also go to the parent directory by clicking the yellow up arrow icon to the right of the directory name. image
Step 10: From the menu on the left you can You can also go back to the login page (Home), return to your main folder (Home Directory), or change you password (Reset Password). 

Near the top of the window is the Logout option.  Click it to log out.