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Section 1: Overview

Notepad++ is a text editor and source code editor for Windows.

One free option for Mac users is TextWrangler, but directions cannot be provided for non-Windows users.

Section 2: Download Notepad++
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Notepad++ vX.X.X Installer and download it. 

Section 3: Install Notepad++
  1. Double click the installer.
  2. Select preferred language.
  3. Hit next and then accept the license agreement.
  4. Choose where you want it installed. The default path is in Program Files\Notepad++ (or Program Files (x86)\Notepad++ for 64 bit users).
  5. Next you Choose Components. You can optionally check the "As default html viewer" or a localization if you want them, but leave everything else checked and click Next.
  6. Next you'll see a few more options. Most likely you won't have to bother with the top two. Check the option for a desktop icon if you want to.
  7. Then install. Wait for it.... Congratulations! You have installed Notepad++. Leave the checkmark next to "Run Notepad++" and then click the Finish button.

Section 4: Running Notepad++ for the First Time

Section 5: Resources