Schedule & Notes

Date Title Links/Notes Reading
Is Systems Analysis a big deal?
Developing an Information System
Section 1 Overview
Process Models
Ch. 1
Planning Phase
Determining Feasibility
Cost-benefit Analysis
Requirements Determination Ch. 3
Requirements Determination (conclusion)
Analysis Phase
Analysis Tools:
Functional Decomposition
Data Flow Diagrams
Data Flow Diagrams (continued) DFD Exercise 1
Data Flow Diagrams (conclusion)
Data Dictionary
DFD Ex 1 Solution
Analysis Phase Finalization
Analysis Phase Output
Design Phase
DFD Exercise 2
Design Approaches
Design Techniques
Structured Design
Structure Charts
Process Specifications
Structure Chart Exercise
Process Specifications (conclusion)
User Interface Design
Design Phase Output
Process Specifications Exercise
Presidents' Day
Implementation Phase
Maintenance and Support Phase
Exam 1
Section 2 Overview
Overview of the Object-Oriented Paradigm
OO Approach
Ch. 1
Requirements Gathering: User Stories
Unified Process
User Story Exercise Ch. 3
Ch. 1
Campus Housing Example
Library Example
Analysis: Behavioral Diagrams (Business Processes & Functional Models)
Use Cases
Ch. 4
Use Case Descriptions
Activity Diagrams
Use Case Exercise Ch. 5
Spring Break
Spring Break
Activity Diagrams (conclusion)
Analysis: Structure Diagrams
Class Diagrams
Class Identification
Ch. 6
Object Diagrams
Analysis: Behavioral Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Communication Diagrams
Class Diagram Exercise Ch. 6
State Machines
CRUDE matrices
Design Considerations
Ch. 6
Design Considerations (conclusion)
Design: Structure Diagrams
Package Diagrams
Modeling OO Concepts
Structured vs. OO Analysis and Design
Ch. 8
Exam 2
Section 3 Overview
Web Site Design
Web-based Systems
Web Application Development
MVC and Design Patterns
Web Information Systems Development Methodology
Other Approaches to Web Application Development
Agile Approaches (ppsx file)
eXtreme Programming (ppsx file)
Wed, 5/3 Final Exam: 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  


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