Semester project

Due Date: November 11, 2013

This is an independent project – do not work with others.

Create an example eCommerce site to promote your skills to potential clients. Your should include (but is not limited to) the following pages:

  • Home Page (main company page)
  • Products Page
  • Specific Product Page
  • Contact Page
  • About Us
  • Privacy Policy


  • Your web site must be hosted on a commercial web host. It will be checked using
  • All pages should be HTML5 compliant.
  • Include a CSS page that provides a uniform appearance for all other pages. You can adapt a template from sites like Latest Free CSS Templates.  Menus can be positioned on the side or top of the page.
  • Home Page
    • The home page should have links to the Products page, the About Us page, the Privacy Policy, the Contact Form, a search feature (more on the search feature is forthcoming), and a brief sales pitch about your company and products.
    • If you are not actually selling a product or service be sure to include a prominent disclaimer indicating this is demo site and no products are for sale.
  • Products Page
    • The Products page should have a listing of all (or a subset) of the products that you are selling, showing a thumbnail and product name for each.
    • Clicking on a particular product should being up a page that provides more details about that product.
  • Specific Product Page
    • This page should display the product number, product name, product description, product price, and a larger image of the selected product.
    • This page should use PHP and MySQL to obtain and display the product info.
    • (You will need to create and populate your products database yourself, using an approach similar to that in the PHP assignment.)
    • The user should be able to add the product to a shopping cart (more on shopping carts later).
  • Contact Form
    • The Contact form should allow entry of customer details (name, address, city/state/zip, telephone, eMail, and country) as well as customer comments or questions.
    • The form should use a PHP Post method to send the form data to the site owner.
    • The form data should be sanitized using the PHP functions htmlspecialchars and/or strip_tags before it is sent.
    • The response page should use a PHP script to display an appropriate response for the user, such as "Thanks for your message. A response will be sent to «eMail» as soon as possible." where «eMail» is the email address the user provided.
    • The Contact Form should use PHP to set a cookie on the user system called "CIS430" and then your name, so if your name is Adams the cookie would be 'CIS430 Adams'.
  • About Us Page
    • The About Us page should include plausible information similar to what an actual company might include.
    • For more details about an About Us page, try Google!
  • Privacy Policy Page
    • The Privacy Policy page should include plausible information similar to what an actual company might include.
    • For ideas of things to include in a Privacy Policy page, go to Google!
  • Search Feature
    • You should include a site search feature.
    • Free tools are available at FusionBot, FreeFind, PicoSearch, and others.
    • Just do a Google search for "free site search".
    • If your pages are stored on a password protected site the search may not work, but include it anyway.
  • Shopping Cart
    • Your site must include a shopping cart.
    • You do not have to code it; several free carts are available.
    • A former student highly recommends Mal's e-commerce.
  • Shipping Calculator
  • PayPal
  • SEO – every page should be optimized for search engines, including
    • page names
    • title tags
    • h1 tags
    • meta tags
      • description
      • keywords

You must provide me with the URL of your site, as well as a document indicating the point at which each of the above requirements is satisfied.

This is NOT a group project!

Here is a link to a checklist that you can use to verify that you have not missed anything: checklist

More requirements may be forthcoming...

Here is a link to some screen shots of an old project if you need ideas: Link