Project Requirements

Group Members

1. Executive Summary
  • Goals
  • Problems (that you encountered during your study)
  • Results
  • Recommendations
2. Introduction
  • Company background
  • Problem (that made a new system necessary)
3. Entity-Relationship Diagram
4. Normalized Relational Schema
5. Implementation
  • Database Table Creation (10 points)
  • Query Design (20 points)
  • Data Entry Forms (10 points)
  • Stored Procedures (13 points)
  • Triggers (12 points)
6. Summary
  • In Sections 1, 2, and 5, be sure to clearly label each subsection.
  • Your team is required to develop a web site to showcase your deliverables. All queries, forms, etc., should be fully functional. (Depending on your ISP, it may not be possible to implement working triggers.) You must provide a URL for your site.
  • A hard copy of the final report is required unless your web site is beyond compare.
  • Be sure to provide the professor with scripts to recreate your database if necessary for testing.
Here is an assessment sheet for the project: link