Graduate Project

Students taking this course for INFO 5507 graduate credit are required to do additional work in the form of substantive research and video presentation about a topic related to Database but not covered in class.

Your graduate topic needs to be researched and presented as if you were teaching the topic to the class. You will video your presentations and they will be made available to the undergraduate students, so you really are teaching the topic. In fact, I may ask for undergrad feedback on your videos to help me assign a grade. You are supplementing the undergraduates' knowledge, so do a good job and set a good example.

How do you know what to include? Well, as a student, what do you need to know? You can't learn everything about a topic in a 20-45 minute presentation, so you have to select the essential points.

Every journalist learns early on about the “5 W’s“: Who? What? When? Where? Why? HoW? Wait, that last one starts with H and is the sixth item in a five-item list. Well, its ends with W, so consider it anyway.

  • Always start with a brief overview, along with a justification of why the topic is important to the student and their future knowledge needs.
  • Then follow up (next slide) with a more detailed definition of what the topic is and what it involves.
  • Tell the student who will use the approach or tool that you are researching (next slide) and when and where they will use it (maybe another slide).
  • The next slide tells how it affect the outcome of what the analyst is trying to accomplish?
  • Include any additional slides that you feel that you need, and be sure to include a couple of examples if possible.
  • Find and embed three to five videos that help explain your topic. Sorry, but try to avoid videos with exceptionally strong accents. Stay away from the talking heads from India. Do your best to select videos that are (1) informative, (2) entertaining, and (3) not overly long. Obviously informative is the the most critical factor.
  • Conclude with a slide of links telling the student where to find additional information.


Use a recording tool like VLC Media Player or OBS Studio to record your video.

Possible Topics

  • Data Warehouses
  • Data Mining
  • Data Visualization
  • NoSQL databases

Be sure to have your topic approved by the professor via email.

Closing Note

Be sure to end your video with a good closing statement or conclusion. The conclusion can leave the listener feeling good about having listened to you. Recap the justification for the topic and how it can make their lives easier. And then, well...
Gotta get some!

Do not leave this until the last minute because in my experience these lectures can take quite a long time to develop.

Presentation Assessment Sheet