Graduate Student Project

Students taking this course for graduate credit are required to do additional work. That work includes the graduate project.

The graduate project involves the research and presentation of a supplementary database topic (or topics). The project will involve not only the presentation of the topic in class, but also submission of a sophisticated html version of your presentation that includes appropriate links to materials on the Internet. This allows your package not only to be a self-contained collection of knowledge but also to take advantage of the enormous wealth of knowledge on the Internet through weaving inline references to supporting information on the Internet. The html version is expected to be of outstanding quality.

In this setting the instructor acts as a reviewer, the undergraduate students play the role of your audience, and you play the role of teacher and presenter. The instructor will be available in a support role to critique and give guidance to your project, while you perform the research and compose the presentation.

Your presentation outline should be approved by the professor in advance. Grades will be awarded for style, comprehensiveness, and effectiveness of conveyance of knowledge to the class, as well as the utility and sophistication of your online presentation material.

Your presentation must have a series of individually viewable html pages developed for the sole purpose of conducting a presentation and therefore should be in outline form using bullets. The explanation of the bullet items will be the responsibility of the presenter(s). The organization will take the format:

  • Header page with title, presenter and subtopic list.
  • The write-up with in-line linking documents where appropriate.
  • Assessment of the relative importance and implications of the topic.
  • Bulleted summary (for presentation).
  • Additional URLs.

Possible Topics

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