Schedule & Notes

Date Title Links/Notes Reading
Is Systems Analysis a big deal?
Developing a Software System
Section 1 Overview
Process Models
Exercise 1 Ch. 1
Martin Luther King Jr./Idaho Human Rights holiday (no classes)
Planning Phase
Determining Feasibility
Cost-benefit Analysis
Exercise 2
Requirements Determination Exercise 3 Ch. 3
Requirements Determination (conclusion)
Soft Systems Methodology
Analysis Phase
Analysis Tools:
Functional Decomposition
Data Flow Diagrams
Exercise 4
Data Flow Diagrams (continued) Exercise 5
Data Flow Diagrams (conclusion)
Data Dictionary
Ex. 5 continued
Analysis Phase Finalization
Analysis Phase Output
Design Phase
Exercise 6
Design Approaches
Design Techniques
Design Guidelines
Structured Design
Exercise 7
Structure Charts
Process Specifications
Exercise 8
Process Specifications (conclusion)
User Interface Design
Design Phase Output
Exercise 9
Presidents' Day holiday (no classes)
Implementation Phase
Maintenance and Support Phase
Exam 1
Section 2 Overview
Overview of the Object-Oriented Paradigm
Design Guidelines for the OO Paradigm
OO Approach
Ch. 1
Requirements Gathering: User Stories
Unified Process
Ch. 3
Ch. 1
Campus Housing Example
Library Example
Analysis: Behavioral Diagrams (Business Processes & Functional Models)
Use Cases
Ch. 4
Use Case Descriptions
Activity Diagrams
Ch. 5
Spring Break (no classes)
Spring Break (no classes)
Analysis: Structure Diagrams
Class Diagrams
Class Identification
Ch. 6
Object Diagrams
Analysis: Behavioral Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Communication Diagrams
Ch. 6
State Machines
CRUDE matrices
Design Considerations
Ch. 6
Design Considerations (conclusion)
Design: Structure Diagrams
Package Diagrams
Modeling OO Concepts
Structured vs. OO Analysis and Design
Ch. 8
Exam 2
Section 3 Overview
Web Site Design
Web-based Systems
Web Application Development
MVC and Design Patterns
Web Information Systems Development Methodology
Other Approaches to Web Application Development
Agile Approaches (ppsx file)
eXtreme Programming (ppsx file)
Wed, 5/2 Final Exam: 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  


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