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        The businesses of the 21st century are leaning toward automation. Automation can and will make any company run more efficiently when it comes to finances and time. The difference between companies that just get by and companies that are reaching new economic levels is efficiency. SLU consulting offers businesses of the 21st century new ideas and concepts to reach goals never thought attainable. Through the use of cutting edge technology SLU consulting can help Whatsamotta University Library become one of the most advanced library circulation systems in the nation. By placing Whatsamotta University Library on top of it’s competitors, SLU consulting can promise results in every area.

        Taking Whatsamotta University Library’s current circulation system and converting it from manual to automated will free up time, space and resources. The extra time, space and resources allocated by the conversion can be use to improve the Whatsamotta University Library in many areas. Better customer service, shorter book processing time, and easier access to the book and patron files are just a few of the benefits because of an automated system.

        The current employees of the Whatsamotta University Library will require little training with the new circulation system. It is foreseeable that the jobs of the current employees will actually become easier and more enjoyable. Employees that are happy produce more. By producing more in a shorter amount of time, the employees of Whatsamotta University Library will become more valuable.

        Through the use of SLU consulting’s expertise and resources Whatsamotta University Library will reach new heights of achievement. SLU consulting promises to transform Whatsamotta University Library into a library that sets the standards for the 21st century to come.