Consolidated Business Functions

 1. Checkout Book
        1.1. Present Library Card
                1.1.1. Insert Library Card in Machine
        1.2. Insert Checkout Card into Machine
        1.3. Stamp Both Cards
        1.4. Stamp Inside of Book
        1.5. Return Library Card
        1.6. File Checkout Card in Circulation File
                1.6.1. File Under Due Date
        1.7. Sort Checkout Cards
                1.7.1. Sort According to Dewey Decimal System

2. Returning a Book
        2.1. Present Book
                2.1.1. Check the Date on Inside of the Book
                2.1.2. Locate Checkout Card from Circulation File
        2.2. Process Overdues
                2.2.1. Fine Calculated to $.10 per Day
                2.2.2. Collect Fine or Add to Account
        2.3. Record the Return Date
                2.3.1. Send Fine Statement to Patron
        2.4. Reshelf Book

3. Paying Fines
        3.1. Get Library Card
                3.1.1. Get Patron Record from Patron File
                3.1.2. Match Library Card Number with Patron Record Number
        3.2. Note Overdues on File
        3.3. Collect Fine
                3.3.1. Check if Amount Paid is more than Amount Owed
                3.3.2. Deduct Payment from Account Balance

4. Renew Book
        4.1. Get Library Card Number
        4.2. Get Date Due
        4.3. Get Book Call Number
        4.4. Get Copy Number
        4.5. Locate Checkout Card in Circulation File
                4.5.1. Check for Overdue
               Calculate Fine
               Collect Fine
        4.6. Renew Book
                4.6.1. Write New Due Date on Card

5. Producing Overdue Reminder
        5.1. Check Circulation File for Overdue Books Daily
                5.1.1. Check According to Due Date
        5.2. Move Overdue Books to Overdue File
                5.2.1. Match Library Card Number on Checkout Card with Patron File
               Get Patron Name
               Get Patron Address
               Get Patron Telephone Number
        5.3. Check for Multiple Overdue Books
                5.3.1. Consolidate Overdue Reminders into one Statement
        5.4. Call Patron
        5.5. Mail Notice to Patron