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        The Whatsamotta University Library contains well over one hundred thousand books in circulation. It has grown to this enormous size over the past five years and still continues to grow. With such an enormous volume of books also comes many problems to deal with. That is the purpose of this study. Our team has performed months of data fathering and has produced what we believe to be the most efficient and accurate library circulation system that is suitable for Whatsamotta. The goals to be attained with the new circulation are simple and straight forward – accuracy and efficiency. In order to achieve maximum employee work output, it is necessary to automate the current circulation system. The manual system that is currently in place was sufficient to achieve the desired level of efficiency to accommodate the circulation and patron volume of the past years. However, the organization has grown beyond the limits of what this manual system can handle with the available man power. By automating the system, every aspect of the library’s day-to-day activities will become more efficient. The completion time for processes involved with checking out, renewing and returning a book will be shortened. The processes involved with keeping track of the wide range of titles will be simplified, computerized, and more organized. Lastly, the notification of patrons and management concerning outstanding fines and overdue books will be performed exclusively by computers. This includes gathering the necessary information, consolidation into a single statement, and the printing of the statements. As far as these statements (which are currently prepared by hand) are concerned, the only thing the employees will need to do is see that they are put in the mail.

        The goals mentioned stem from the problems that are occurring within the current system. The manual operations involved with the processes of the library are outdated and extremely time consuming. The work force currently employed for Whatsamotta is more than sufficient, but because of its "old fashioned" ways, the employees are not able to put forth the effort needed to get the job done. An up to date, automated library system will allow the current work force to efficiently run the Whatsamotta University Library circulation system.

        The system that will be implemented has been proven to greatly reduce time factors concerned with almost all of the processes involved with the circulation system. The processes will not only be shorter but they can now be performed much more efficiently. Running the Whatsamotta University Library at a shorter and more efficient pace will make everyone involved much more satisfied. The workers, management, and most importantly the customers will be happier.

        It is highly recommended that the Whatsamotta University Library circulation system be updated to fit the needs of a current library system. The volume of books that the Whatsamotta University Library now carries warrants the use of an automated system. Without the automated circulation system people may opt to take their library business elsewhere. For a fraction of the cost of losing several customers, Whatsamotta University Library can become a modern day library. The addition of a new automated circulation system will allow for more titles and customers to be handled by the current work force of the Whatsamotta University Library. The addition of the new Whatsamotta University Library circulation system will take the library to the next step in economic growth.