Program Grading Procedures

You start with 100 points on a programming assignment.

Deductions are made in the following manner (this is subject to change):

Problem Examples of Problem Deduction
Missing files on upload site CSS file or images missing or not linked 20% per day minimum
Program doesn't run No result on button click 50 points minimum
Erroneous calculations A tax calculation is off by 2 dollars 10 points for each non-related
Erroneous data
month can be set to 13 up to 10 points
Not efficient too many variables
too many lines of code
up to 10 points
Documentation Did not adequately comment all modules up to 10 points
Other Failed to follow specifications
Failed to implement concepts taught in course
up to 100 points
Lateness Assignment uploaded past midnight on the due date specified. 20 points for each day late (including weekends)