Course Description

This course introduces interactive and responsive web development using a client-side language like JavaScript. Basic programming concepts common to almost all programming languages, including sequence, selection, and iteration, as well as functions, arrays, and string manipulation, form the basis of the course.

JavaScript is a relatively simple language to learn because it is a scripting language and does not have a complex development environment like more full-featured languages. However, it still offers all of the basic constructs found in most programming languages.

Exercises are designed to enhance students' problem solving techniques and analytical thinking skills.

The course will require considerable effort in designing, coding, and debugging interactive web pages. While the concepts taught in this course are relatively simple, the development of interactive web pages can be challenging and time consuming.

Be certain that you are able and willing to devote the time required by this class.

Course Objectives

  • The student will be able to design and implement interactive web pages.
  • The student will be able to list the fundamental concepts of programming languages.
  • The student will be able to explain each of those fundamental concepts.
  • The student will be able to explain and utilize a wide range of the features available in the JavaScript programming language.
  • The student will be able to write complex interactive scripts using JavaScript.
  • The student will be able to analyze programming requirements in order to understand what data and processes are involved in the system.
  • The student will be able to design a modular approach to satisfy those requirements.
  • The student will be able to organize program code in web pages to implement the design.
  • The student will be able to verify that the results obtained satisfy the original requirements.

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