Assignment List (Subject to Change)

Be sure to thoroughly document all assignments. See note below.

Due Date Assignment Demo Objective
09/16 Project Introduction (reading material only)
P1: Project Step 1 
09/23  P2: Classes and Objects   Demo
Grading rubric 
Classes and Objects
09/30 P3: ArrayLists of Objects Demo Grading rubric  ArrayLists of Objects
10/14 P4: Aggregation Demo Grading rubric  Aggregation
11/05 P5: Inheritance and Interfaces  Demo Grading rubric  Inheritance and Interfaces
11/16 P6: Polymorphism  Demo Grading rubric  Polymorphism, ArrayLists
12/07 P7: Finalized Reference Program Demo Grading rubric  Object Persistence

Documentation MUST include the following:

  • Comment block at beginning of assignment that includes:
    • Name
    • Date
    • Assignment number
    • Assignment Purpose
  • Include comment block before EVERY function
  • Use lines of dashes to set off comment blocks

Be sure to download demos before running. To download, right click on the link and select Save Link As...

Be sure the data file is in the same folder as the executable file.