Practice Exercise: HTML & CSS

Objectives: Completing this lab will give you

  • experience modifying old-style HTML pages
  • additional experience with HTML and CSS.

Description: In this exercise you will modify an old web page that has formatting embedded in the HTML code.

The HTML page (link) was created without a style sheet. Your goal is to do it right. Make the HTML page as minimal as possible by moving all the formatting that you possibly can to a document-level (or, if you prefer, an external) CSS sheet.

There should be no formatting remaining in your HTML code when you are finished.

  • Include the doctype.
  • Nest and indent your tags correctly.
  • Be sure to close all tags.

Example Solution

More pages that require upgrades

Be sure to View Page Source with the original pages to see the horror. Again, move all formatting to CSS so that you end up with unadulterated HTML.