Parker's INFO 1110 – Web Development: Essentials

Join ACM today! There are both immediate benefits and long term benefits if you get involved. The experience can be as great as you work to make it!

Career Preparation

Guest speakers from regional and national IT firms help introduce students to career options that they might not have been aware of. They also share with students their expectations of the knowledge and skills that their ideal recruits should have, how their company conducts the interview process, and describe their corporate IT culture. These firms often provide details of internships for which members can apply while taking courses. The ACM also hosts speakers from the college’s Professional Development Office who discuss resume preparation, interview etiquette, and the overall job search.


Networking can be a major key to getting your ideal job! ACM members have a greater opportunity to network with professors from Informatics and Computer Science, to interact with students who have similar interests from inside and outside their major, and to become familiar with potential recruiters visiting as guest speakers. Networking with professors may improve your chances of getting them to agree to write a letter of recommendation when you request one. It increases your visibility with classmates, professors, and recruiters. The importance of networking cannot be underestimated! It can help you find your first job, help with an alternate job later in your career, and lead to lifelong friendships and business associations.


The ACM Student Organization provides opportunities for members to get involved in fun, educational projects. Examples of projects include configuring a Raspberry Pi to serve in various capacities, or building a 3D printer. Members learn while having fun with their peers, and can benefit from the diverse experiences that other members bring to the organization.


ACM members can assist students from lower classifications through volunteering to provide tutoring services for introductory courses or by helping with course labs or recitation sections. Many people learn best by teaching, so both the tutor and tutee can benefit. Mentoring also helps members learn about new topics that have been introduced in courses since they have taken then. And it feels good to help others.