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Date Title Exercises Links/Notes Reading
Tue, 08/24 Introduction
C# Crash Course
Software Downloads
Thu, 08/26 Object-Oriented Basics
Tue, 08/31 Object-Oriented Basics (finish)
Creating a Class
Instance Variables and Class Methods
Thu, 09/02 Instantiating and Interacting with Objects
Scope and Overloaded Constructors
Object-Oriented Example (Generic Notation)
Object-Oriented Example (MS Notation)
Tue, 09/07 General Discussion
Thu, 09/09 Abstraction
Tue, 09/14 Encapsulation
     Information Hiding
          Access Modifiers
     Message Passing
Thu, 09/16 ArrayLists of Objects
Tue, 09/21 Programming Discussion
Instantiation Review
Thu, 09/23 Relationships
Tue, 09/28 Review
Thu, 09/30 Exam I 
Tue, 10/05 Exam Discussion
Thu, 10/07 Inheritance
Tue, 10/12 Method Overloading and Overriding
Thu, 10/14 Complete Inheritance discussion
Tue, 10/19 Inheritance Exercise
Inheritance Exercise Solution
Supplemental Notes 1
Thu, 10/21 Abstract Classes
Abstract Interfaces (begin)
Tue, 10/26 Abstract Interfaces (finish)
Supplemental Notes 2
Thu, 10/28 Polymorphism
     Type Casting
Tue, 11/02      Dynamic Binding
     Supplemental Notes 3
Thu, 11/04 Object I/O
Tue, 11/09 Work Day
Thu, 11/11 Exception Handling
Tue, 11/16 Exception Handling (continued)
Thu, 11/18 Exam II
Tue, 11/23 Thanksgiving Break
Thu, 11/25 Thanksgiving Break
Tue, 11/30 XML
Thu, 12/02 Reading and Writing XML
Tue, 12/07 DB and C#
Thu, 12/09 DB and C# (continued)
Tue, 12/14 Section 1 Final Exam: 10:00am - 12:00pm