Program 3: ArrayLists of Objects

Objectives: Gain experience modifying classes, setting up ArrayLists of objects, and sorting those ArrayLists.  

Description: This program is intended to provide you with additional experience with classes and object instantiation, as well as creating ArrayLists of objects and manipulating them.

Modify the clsName class so that it implements the IComparable interface and includes a CompareTo method.  Instantiate an ArrayList of clsName objects, provide values for them, and then sort the ArrayList of objects in order by last name and first name.  

Sample output: 

Adams, John Q.
Burr, Aaron Z.
Clinton, George
Gerry, Elbridge
Jefferson, Thomas Z.

Do not alter anything in your clsName class.  Simply add the IComparable clause and the CompareTo method, and a no-argument constructor if you didn't have one in P2.  Your form should instantiate several clsName objects, assign values to the first and last name of each, call the Sort routine, and then print the sorted results in a text box.

Refer to the ArrayLists of Objects notes for assistance.