Closed Week Policy

The ISU Closed Week Policy states the following:

"Other required tests or quizzes on which the professor bases any
part of the grade are prohibited during the seven calendar days
immediately preceding the first day of final examination week
except in performance sections, night classes, 8-week courses,
and summer sessions."

This policy can be found at

Note that the policy does not exclude the presentation of new material during closed week!

I may, depending on the semester, give students the option of taking a voluntary quiz during closed week.  Students are not required to take this quiz.  If, however, they do opt to take the quiz and they achieve a score higher than their lowest score on the previous required quizzes, the new score will replace the lower score, in effect allowing me to drop the lowest quiz score.  Again, students are not required to take the quiz, but it cannot negatively impact their average in any way.