Lost River Wind Riders


Lost River Wind Riders is a aeronautical sports shop in central Idaho that specializes in sales and service of hang gliding, paragliding, and snowkiting equipment, as well as ultralight aircraft.  Solitude can be found in Idaho's deep gorges, high mountains, swift rivers and chilly lakes.  King Mountain, White Bird Hill, and the Seven Devil Mountains are just a few Idaho locations that are ideal for aeronautical sports.  Lost River Wind Riders offers a large selection of aeronautical sports equipment for sale. 

LRWR provides standard retail services for customers as well as additional "back office" services to support business requirements:


Processing descriptions

Customer purchases equipment

A customer may purchase one or more items.  A purchase follows the script below:  

  1. The customer provides a picture ID and credit card for an imprint. 
  2. Employee selects "Equipment Sale" from the main menu.  The Equipment Sale Form allows the following items to be entered:

  1. Employee requests customer phone number to determine if the customer is in the customer list.   
    1. If the phone number is found then the customer may be in the list.
    2. If the phone number is not found, then their personal information is added to the customer file using the customer entry form.
  2. Lost River makes only credit card sales.  Checks or cash are not accepted (primarily to make your lives easier.)

  3. For each item purchased, the following information is entered into a form and stored:

  4. The employee number is added to the purchase agreement and stored.

  5. The employee prints a purchase agreement, which the customer signs.  One copy is retained and one copy given to the customer as a receipt.    The purchase agreement contains the following information:
  6. Header Section:
    Customer name                                                 Current date
    Customer address                                             Current time
    Customer City/State/Zip                                    Employee number
    Customer phone
    Customer e-mail

    Detail Section (for each item)
    Model#/Description        Serial#        Sales Price

    Footer Section:
                                                            Sales subtotal
                                                            Sales Tax (see
    business rules)
                                                            Grand total
                                                            Payment method
                                                            Credit Card#

Product Category Form

Lists each category, manufacturer, model, and price.  A partial list appears below.

Category            Manufacturer    Model            Price

Hang Glider        Wills Wing        Talon 140        5875
Hang Glider        Wills Wing        Talon 160        5875
Hang Glider        Wills Wing        Eagle 180        3575
Hang Glider        Aeros               Stealth 151      2800 
Hang Glider        Aeros               Stalker             9000 
Hang Glider        Airwave            Pulse               2300
Paraglider           Skywalk           Tequila            3200
Paraglider           Skywalk           Cayenne          3400
Ultralight             Flightstar           IISC             23895
Ultralight             Quicksilver       GT500          27795
Ultralight             Phantom           X-1e             14995
Kiteboard           Slingshot           Wasp 3             300
Kiteboard           Cabrinha           Vari                  630
Kiteboard           Airush               Reactor 2005   715
Kiteboard           Caution             Spitfire 2004    800

Customer Entry/Display Form

The following personal information is added to the customer file.

  1. If a credit card is used the credit card information is added to the credit card file. (FYI)

Customer returns defective/unwanted equipment

  1. The customer provides a receipt and the defective/unwanted equipment.
  2. The employee checks the date of the receipt to determine if the product is being returned within the 30 day period (business rule) and then selects "Equipment Return" from the main menu.
  3. The customer provides a reason for the return, and the employee checks the corresponding reason on the form.
  4. The employee checks for extraneous damage.  If there is none and the product was not defective, then it is returned to inventory.  If it is defective, then the item will be returned to the supplier.
  5. The customer number, item number, date of return, and reason for return are stored.
  6. The Equipment Return Form contains the following items:

Customer brings equipment for service

  1. The customer brings equipment in for service if it has been damaged or fails to work properly.  There is no requirement that the equipment was purchased at LRWR.
  2. Employee selects "Equipment Service" from the main menu. 
  3. Employee requests customer phone number to determine if the customer is in the customer list.   
    1. If the phone number is found then the customer may be in the list.
    2. If the phone number is not found, then their personal information is added to the customer file using the customer entry form.
  4. The list of repair services form is consulted, and the customer is given a rough (non-binding) estimate of the price and time required. The form has the following headers:

Repair#        Repair Description        Projected Time        Projected Price/Labor

  1. The employee records the problem as described by the customer.

  2. The model number and serial number is recorded. 

  3. A service agreement with the above information is printed and signed by the customer to authorize the repairs.  One copy is retained and another provided to the customer.

  4. When service personnel work on the item their employee number is recorded as the mechanic of record.  Generally only one mechanic works on a single piece of equipment, and even in those situations that require multiple mechanics, only the primary mechanic is recorded.  (Note: Each mechanic must have proper certification before being hired.)

  5. The mechanic records the repair service applied.

  6. The mechanic records the total time required to complete the repair.

  7. The mechanic records the parts used to complete the repair.  Multiple parts may be required to complete a repair.  Note that Lost River does not sell parts directly.

  8. A repair service detail report is generated and provided to the customer.  It includes the nature of the problem as well as the parts required and their associated cost, as well as the total labor charge, and total charge.  The Repair Service Detail Report, the service agreement, and the service entry form contain the following:


Order new equipment or parts

  1. Periodically an employee runs an inventory report that indicates the total number of items in stock.  If the number falls below a preset limit, a reorder request is generated for a number of items equal to the limit minus the current number.  The preset limit is based on projected demand for a particular equipment type and is outside the scope of this system.
  2. Before an order is actually placed, this reorder request is compared with projected demand for this particular equipment type, with the remaining sales season taken into account, and order quantities can be adjusted.  Price is obtained from the supplier (outside the bounds of this system) for each item and entered into the purchase order.  Shipping charges are also supplied by the supplier.  The tax rate is obtained from local governmental tax regulations, and the subtotal, total tax, and total are all calculated.
  3. Orders for the same supplier are gathered together into a single purchase order.
  4. These purchase orders are sent via email to suppliers who have provided an email address for their contact (your sales representative). Otherwise they can be faxed or mailed to the appropriate supplier.

Process new inventory

We assume all orders placed to a given supplier are received in full, since we make no allowance for partial shipments and backorders.

  1. When a shipment is received, an employee enters the following information into the system for each item:
  1. The system creates a new record in the Inventory table for each item, and initializes additional fields as follows:

Print current inventory report

Periodically an employee may find it necessary to print an inventory report.  Such reports are used when it is necessary to take inventory of current stock, and also when ordering replacement equipment.

Header Section:
Current Date/Time

Detail Section
Model#/Description    Count    Reorder Quantity    Serial#    Retail Cost    Purchase Date

Footer Section

Generate sales report

The sales report can be generated on a daily basis, depending on business rules.  It includes a listing of all sales for the current day, including

Header Section
Begin Date--End Date

Detail Section
Model#/Description        Quantity Sold        Unit Price        Total Sales

Footer Section
                                                                                          Total Sales

Generate salesperson sales/commission report

Print the salesperson sales report, along with commission information.  The report contains the following information:

    Header Section
    Begin Date--End Date

    Detail Section
    Employee#        Commission%        Sales Count        Sales Amount        Commission Amount

    Footer Section
            Total Count        Total Sales            Total Commission

Generate service report

Print the list of service jobs performed on a daily basis.

Header Section
Begin Date--End Date

Detail Section
Service Performed        Quantity Performed        Hours Labor         Labor Cost    Parts Cost    Total Cost

Footer Section: 
 Total Performed            Total Hours            Total Labor    Total Cost    Grand Total

Generate mechanic service/payment report

Print the mechanic service and payment detail on a daily basis.

Header Section
Begin Date--End Date

Detail Section
Mechanic#        Hours Worked        Salary/Hour        Total Salary

Footer Section 
                         Total Hours                                       Total Salaries



Additional Business rules

Each transaction will be charged a 7.75% sales tax.

Each product category can have multiple pieces of equipment in stock.

Each equipment type is assigned to a single product category.

A partial list of equipment types includes:

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