Form Solutions

In order to create a form for data entry only, open the Form properties when in the Design window, select the Data tab, and set the Data Entry property to Yes.  That will automatically position the form after the last record.

Current Date

To set dates in the form to today's date.  In the design view, right click the date field and select Properties.  In the Properties table, right click on Default Value and select Build.  In the subsequent window, double click Functions in the left most pane, then double click Built-in Functions when it expands.  In the center pane click Date/Time, and in the right pane double click Date.  That's it!  

You can also set up a date field to display future dates (based on the current date)  by using the DateAdd function.  To increment the current date by 14, simply use the line

        DateAdd("d", 14, Date( ))