Creating the Subform

1. With your main form in design view, click the Subform/Subreport button in the toolbox and position the subform where you want it.

2. When the Subform Wizard opens, the "Use Existing Tables and Queries" option is selected, so click "Next>."

3. In the subsequent window, select your query from part 2 in the "Tables/Queries" list box.

4. In the "Available Fields" text field, select the fields necessary for your subform.  Be sure to include the ISBN so that the subform can be linked to the form.  Click "Next>."

5. In the next window, it should display a message indicating a linkage based on the ISBN, such as "Show subform for each record in Reservation using ISBN." Click "Next>."

6. Name your subform and click "Finish."