Creating the Main Form

1. Select "Create form using wizard" and a new window will open.

2. In the "Tables/Queries" text box, select the primary table upon which the form will be built, in this case the Reservation table.

3. In the "Available Fields" text field, select each field that you want to appear on your form.  In this example I selected reservation date, expiration date, and notification type.  When you have made your selections, click "Finish" and a new window will open.

4. Choose a layout, such as "Justified" and click "Next."

5. Choose a style, such as "Sumi Painting" and and click "Next."

6. Enter a title for your form (this is the title that appears on the form itself), click the "Modify the form's design" radio button, and then click "Finish."

7. Your form will open in design mode and you can position the fields as you wish.

8. With your form in design view, click the toolbar button labeled "Combo Box" and place a combo box on your form.

    a. The combo box wizard will open with the "I want the combo box to look up values in a table or query" radio button selected.  Click "Next >."

    b. Choose the table from which your data will come.  In this step, we are adding the ISBN to the form, so select the Video table and click "Next >."

    c. In the subsequent screen, select both ISBN and Title from the "Available Fields" selection and click "Next >."

    d. In the next screen allow it to hide the key column, and

    e. In the next screen tell it to "Store that value in this field" and select ISBN.  Click "Next>."

    f. Provide a name for your combo box.

    g. Click "Finish" to complete the process.

9.  With your form still in design view, right click on the "ISBN" combo box, select properties, and then the name property from the "Other" tab.  Enter a name such as "isbn."  This is a VERY IMPORTANT step, and if you overlook it your subform will not work correctly!

10. With your form still in design view, complete the same process for a member combo box, choosing member id and member name from the member table and storing them in the member id field of the reservation table.

11. Select the "reservation date" text box by right clicking on it, choose the "default value" property from the Data tab, and enter "=Date$()" without the quotation marks.

12. Select the "expiration date" text box and enter "=DateAdd("d",14,Date$( ))" for the default property.

13. Right click on the "notification type" text box, and select the "Change To" option and then select "Combo Box."  Right click on the subsequent combo box and select "Properties."  For the Row Source Type" property you should specify "Value List," and for the "Row Source" property you should enter "Phone", "E-Mail" and be sure to include the quotation marks this time.

14. Additional properties for the form and labels can be set as you desire.

15. Specify that the form should open for data entry only.

    a. Open the form in Design view.

    b. Double-click the form selector to open the form's property sheet.

    c. In the DataEntry property box, click Yes to indicate that you want the form to open for data entry (blank record).