Creating Forms and Subforms:  The Reservation Form

It is relatively easy to create a linked form-subform combination.  For example, the Reservation form is set up in such a way that when a member asks to reserve a video, the video title is selected from a list box.  When a title is selected, if there are any copies of that video currently in stock the subform will display the number of copies available as well as the aisle and shelf where the video can be found.  Follow the process below to create the reservation form.

1. Create the main form.

2. Create a query upon which to base the subform.

3. Create the subform.

If you followed the directions correctly you should now save your form and then view it in Datasheet view.  For every in stock video that you highlight in the Video list box, the subform should display the count, aisle, and shelf as shown below.


Reservation form when an in-stock video is selected.


Reservation form when an unavailable video is selected.