JavaScript, developed by Netscape, is a scripting language that allows Web authors to design interactive sites.  JavaScript code is embedded in the Web pages.  The embedded JavaScript is downloaded with the Web page and is activated when a specific event takes place.

     Active X is Microsoft’s alternative to Java. It is a specification for writing programs that will run inside the Microsoft client browser.  Active X extends the browser by adding “controls” to Web pages. These controls can be downloaded from the Web server and let the user manipulate data inside the browser (Ex. drop-down menus, calculator)

     VBScript is another Microsoft product that is used to extend the browser's functionality.  VBScript is derived from Visual Basic.  VBScript code is embedded inside an HTML page and this code is activated by triggering events such as clicking on a link.

     Using routines that permit data validation is one of the most basic requirements for Web applications.  For example, when data is entered on a Web form and no data validation is done on the client side, the entire data set must be sent to the Web server, which causes valuable CPU processing to be wasted.



JavaScript Sample

ActiveX Sample

VBScript Sample