Web Browser

     The Web browser is located in the client computer and it is the end user interface to the Web.  The Web browser’s job is to interpret the HTML code that it receives from the Web server and to present the different page components in a standard way.  The browser’s interpretation and presentation capabilities are not sufficient to develop Web-based applications, requiring plug-ins and other client-side extensions.

     A plug-in is an external application that is automatically invoked by the browser when needed.  The plug-in is OS specific.  The plug-in is associated with a data object to allow the Web server to properly handle data that are not originally supported.

     Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that run on top of the Web browser software.  Java applications are compiled and stored in the Web server.  Calls to Java routines are embedded inside the HTML page.



Plug-in Sample

Java Sample