ColdFusion: A Web-to-database Production Tool

     ColdFusion (CF) is a full Web application that provides hooks to databases, e-mail systems, search engines, etc.,  using a server-side markup language known as ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML).  CFML is used to create ColdFusion application pages known as scripts which are made up of HTML, CF tags, and when necessary Java, JavaScript or VBScript.

     ColdFusion application middleware can be used to:

-Connect to and query a database from a Web page.
-Present database data in a Web page, using various formats.
-Create dynamic Web search pages.
-Create Web pages to insert, update, and delete database data.
-Define required and optional relationships.
-Define required and optional form fields.
-Enforce referential integrity in form fields.
-Use simple and nested queries and form select fields to represent business rules.




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