Adding the MessagePanel Bean to the Component Palette


From the menu bar, choose Tools >> Configure Palette to get the Palette Properties dialog box:




Select the Pages tab and choose the page on the component palette on which the component should appear. There is an option to create a new page, this is done by clicking the Add button and entering a page name in the Add Page Dialog box.


Suppose it is desired that the MessagePanel bean be added to the Other group. Select Other in the pages column and click the Add Components tab to display the dialog box for adding components as shown below:






To add components from a project in JBuilder, a library should have been created for the current project.

(To create a library, click Select Library to display the Select Library dialog box then Click New to bring up the New Library wizard).


Click on Select Library from the Palette Properties dialog box to display the Select a different library dialog box. Choose the appropriate library and click OK.



You will be taken back to the Palette Properties dialog box where you click on Add from Selected Library, this brings up the Browse for Class dialog box. Locate MessagePanel in the messagepaneldemo package.



Click OK. This either displays a dialog box confirming that the component has been added or a message if the component has not been added.