Project Assignment Form and Grading
Final Project Overview (Systems Analysis and Design

Technical Report Format -- The final report consists of the following project deliverables, which must be completed and submitted by the specified due dates.

  1. Executive Summary (5 points)


  2. Introduction (5 points)
  1. Functional Analysis (decomposition and grouping of processes)  (10 points)
  1. System Description

a. Current logical system (25 points)

b. Future logical system (25 points)

c. Future system structure chart & future physical DFD (15 points)

d. Data dictionary (10 points)

  1. Summary and Conclusions (5 points)

The overall organization of the report as well as its content will influence the grading.  

The presentation should be "professional quality" because in a real setting the presentation will be the first description of your project that management encounters--the thing upon which they base their first impression. A slick presentation helps to "sell" a project. It's hard to overcome a bad first impression in your actual (in the real world) presentation.

Be sure to include each of the components listed on the project page. The presentation should be submitted in a binder or should be bound, and your old deliverables should be submitted separately in a packet.  An html version of the presentation is also required.