SA/D Topic 3 -- Feasibility Study

Criteria for Selection of Systems Projects

Feasibility Impact Grid

A feasibility impact grid (FIG) can be used to assess the impact of any improvements to the existing system.  It can also increase awareness of the impacts made on the achievement of corporate objectives.

See figures 3.2 and 3.3:

Process Objectives

Corporate Objectives

Feasibility Study

Objective -- to determine



a) its objectives
b) its functions
c) its estimated cost


Function of the feasibility study is

To provide management with facts that will aid in determining whether to conduct a full systems study. It usually consists of three phases:

  1. Economic Feasibility -- to determine the costs and the benefits of a proposed system and evaluate them.
  1. Operational Feasibility -- to determine if the proposed system will operate in the intended manner.
  2. Technical Feasibility -- to determine if the resources required by the proposed system can be obtained (available and affordable)


Process used in the feasibility study:



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