SA/D Topic 1 -- Systems Analysis and Design


System -- a collection of interrelated parts that operate together for a common purpose.


System Types -- There are various types of systems that might be encountered by a systems analyst:


Integrating Technologies for Systems


Definition of Systems Analysis and Design

A set of techniques used to analyze, design, and implement improvements in the functioning of businesses, often through the use of computerized information systems. Used to systematically analyze data input, data transformation, data storage, and information output within the context of a particular business.

Role of Systems Analyst

Skill Set of a Systems Analyst


Systems Development Life Cycle -- phased, but iterative, approach

1. identifying problems, opportunities and objectives

2. determining information requirements 3. analyzing system needs 4. designing the recommended system 5. developing and documenting software 6. testing and maintaining the system 7. implementing and evaluating the system



The systems analysis and design methodology presented in this class will consolidate some of the steps in the life cycle:

  1. feasibility study
  2. systems analysis (1,2,3)
  3. systems design (4,5)
  4. systems implementation (7)
  5. systems testing, evaluation, and maintenance (6,7)


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