Process Specifications Exercise

Given the following problem description, provide a process specification in

a) structured English,

b) decision tree,

c) full decision table, and

d) condensed decision table.

A computer repair service charges it customers based upon the level of service they require. The base fee per month is $50 if the customer owns one or two computers, $100 if the customer owns three to ten computers, and $500 if the customer owns more than ten computers. If the customer is in the first category, he or she doesn't pay any additional fee for peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. In the other two categories, the customer pays an additional $10 per month for each covered peripheral. The base fee per month covers service only during standard business hours. If the customer desires 24 hour coverage, seven days a week, the base fee is doubled (except for the customer who owns only one or two computers, in which case 24 hour coverage is included in the base fee). In all cases, if the customer is willing to drop off and pick up the computer at the service agency, the total base fee is reduced to one-half what it would be for on-site service.

Hint: Use "Computers Owned" as your first condition.