Process Descriptions

1.1:  Update Cards: In this process the library card and the checkout cards are stamped after they are put into the stamping machine. The updated checkout card is then put in the circulation file and the library card is returned to the patron.

1.2:  Stamp Book: The book or books that are being checked out by the patron are stamped by the librarian and the book is then returned to the patron.

1.3:  Sort Checkout Cards: In this process the checkout cards that are in the circulation file are sorted according to their call number (which is based on the Dewey Decimal System) within each due date

2.1:  Get Book Due Date: In this process the book is given to the librarian. From there the due date in the book is retrieved and the return date is noted so that a check for overdue can be done.

2.2:  Check for Overdue: In this process, the due date from the book is compared to the return date. If the book is overdue, the fine is calculated at ten cents per day. Once the check has been made, the book is reshelved.

2.3:  Compare Due Dates: In this process, the due date on the checkout card is compared with the date on the book.

2.4:  Update Account Balance: this process updates the account balance of the patron in the patron file if the patron does not pay his or her overdue fine.

3.1:  Compare Card and Patron Record: This process compares the Library Card Number supplied by the patron with the number in their patron record located in the patron file.

3.2:  Calculate Fine: A fine is calculated at ten cents per day in this process.

3.3:  Collect Fine: In this process payment is made to the library and the patron’s account balance is updated accordingly.

4.1:  Compare Patron Inputs to Checkout Card: This process takes the library card number, book due date, book call number, and the copy number of the book and compares them to the data located on the checkout card located in the circulation file.

4.2:  Check for Overdue: A book that is overdue cannot be renewed if it is overdue, so this process checks to make sure that the book being renewed is not overdue.

4.3:  Update Checkout Card: If the book is not overdue, this process renews the book by updating the checkout card and then returning it to the circulation file.

4.4:  Calculate Fine: If the book is found to be overdue, this process calculates a fine on the book at ten cents per day.

5.1:  Check for Overdue Books: This process checks the circulation file for any checkout cards that have overdue dates on them. Any overdue cards are moved to the Overdue File.

5.2.1:  Match Library Card Number with Patron Record: This process verifies the library card number of the patron by matching it against the number on the overdue checkout card and the patron record in the patron file.

5.2.2:  Check for Multiple Overdues: This process checks to see if one patron has more than one overdue book.

5.2.3:  Consolidate Overdue Reminders: This process sends out one overdue reminder for every patron who has any overdue books. Each statement lists every overdue book that the patron currently has.

5.3:  Notify Patron: This process notifies the patron that he or she has books that are overdue. Notification is made by phone if possible, as well as by mail.