Parker's CIS 3320 – Advanced Business Programming

Assignment List (Subject to Change)

Be sure to thoroughly document all assignments. See note below.

Due Date Assignment Demo Objective
9/10 P1: Home Finder Demo  *
homefinder.txt **
Grading rubric
Structures & File I/O 
9/24 Project Introduction (reading material only)
Project Step 1  (reading material only)
P2: Classes and Objects 
Grading rubric
Classes and Objects
10/1 P3: ArrayLists of Objects Demo
Grading rubric (draft)
ArrayLists of Objects
10/15 P4: Aggregation Demo Grading rubric  Aggregation
10/29 P5: Inheritance and Interfaces Demo
Grading rubric 
Inheritance and Interfaces
11/14 P6: Polymorphism Demo (rtf) Demo (wb) Grading rubric Polymorphism, ArrayLists
12/03 P7: Finalized Reference Program  Demo Grading rubric   Object Persistence
* Be sure to download before running. To download, right click on the link and select Save Link As...
** Be sure the data file is in the same folder as the executable file.