Always include a comment block at the beginning of each program with your name, program number, and description of the program.
Always include a comment block before each sub or function that includes a description of the procedure.  It should ideally list the calling routine, as well as incoming and outgoing parameters.
Make your main module as brief as possible--remember to modularize adequately.
Always strive for elegance in your programs.  Once the program is working, "pretty it up."
Make your programs as flexible as possible.  Use UBound when you need to code the array bounds for loops, and use constants to dimension arrays whenever necessary.
Until we learn  VB's version of error handling, use the primitive error checking that was used in the first program.
Whenever possible, list your subs and functions in the program in the order in which they are invoked.  It makes it easier to debug and grade.
The use of variable prefixes (like int and sng)  is acceptable, but not required.  It IS required for form controls.
When forms are used, be sure to set the Tab Order so that the cursor is initially placed in the first control, and will move to subsequent controls in the proper order when the Tab key is pressed.
Whenever you use structures or classes, use the With statement to make subsequent references to the structure more brief.
When you use dynamic arrays, avoid ReDimming too often.
Do not use Exit statements in your programs.
Initialize all variables that will be used as accumulators and counters.