Follow the steps below to add a tooltip to a form.

Drag a tooltip from the toolbox to the form.

Add the lines like the following to the Form1_Load event, or to a procedure called by the Form1_Load event.  Be sure to change the control names to match your names.

 With Me.ToolTip1
    .ShowAlways = True
    .ReshowDelay = 500
    .InitialDelay = 500

    .SetToolTip (txtInput, "Enter the blah blah blah.")
    .SetToolTip (cmdButton, "Performs the something something.")
 End With


There are multiple delay values that you can set for a Windows Forms ToolTip component. The unit of measure for all these properties is milliseconds.

  • The InitialDelay property determines how long the user must point at the associated control for the ToolTip string to appear.
  • The ReshowDelay property sets the number of milliseconds it takes for subsequent ToolTip strings to appear as the mouse moves from one ToolTip-associated control to another.
  • The AutoPopDelay property determines the length of time the ToolTip string is shown.

You can set these values individually, or by setting the value of the AutomaticDelay property; the other delay properties are set based on the value assigned to the AutomaticDelay property.

For example, when AutomaticDelay is set to a value N, InitialDelay is set to N, ReshowDelay is set to the value of AutomaticDelay divided by five (or N/5), AutoPopDelay is set to a value that is five times the value of the AutomaticDelay property (or 5N).