Parker's CIS 2220 – Foundations of Computer Programming

Schedule & Notes

Date Title   Links/Notes Reading
MSDN Downloads
Agent Introduction
Event-Driven Programming
Using VB
Running a VB Program
Practice exercise 1 (intro) Ch. 1
Variables, Constants and Data Types
Memory Concepts
Operators (Arithmetic)
Practice exercise 2 (arithmetic)
Practice exercise 2b (string manipulation)
P1 (part 1) Assigned
Ch. 2
P1 Discussion
Operators (Relational)
Operators (Logical)
Review of Program Planning
Ch. 2
Control Structures

Error Checking
Pseudocode, and
Sample Programs
Agent Explanation of Control Structures
Sample Programs
Practice exercise 3 (selection & iteration)

P1 (part 2) Assigned
Ch. 3
Selection Functions
Practice exercise 4 (looping)
List Box, Printing, Date/Time
P2 Assigned
Ch. 3
Finish Iteration
Tracing Programs
Selection and Iteration Cases
Practice exercise 5 (more selection and iteration)
MSDN Search
Ch. 4.1
Programming discussion
President's Day Holiday
Exam 1 Programming Discussion (simple calculator)
P3 Assigned
Exam Discussion
Subs and Functions
Exam Discussion
Chapter 4.1
Parameter passing
Finish Parameter passing
Animated Explanation of ByVal
Animated Explanation of ByRef
Practice exercise 6 (subs)
Programming Discussion (simple calculator)
Testing & Debugging Procedures
Design & Modularization
Parameter Passing Demo
Scope and Lifetime
Practice exercise 7 (parameter passing)
One-dimensional Arrays
Arrays in Procedures
Chapter 5
Applied Arrays:sub-arrays
Dynamic arrays
Practice exercise 8 (simple 1D array) Chapter 5
Spring Break
Spring Break
Merging arrays
Applied Arrays: array assignment
Applied Arrays: parallel arrays
Practice exercise 9 (applied arrays)
Multidimensional Arrays (not on Exam 2) Practice exercise 10 (2D Arrays) Chapter 5
Exam 2
File Processing
Exam Discussion
Practice exercise 11 assigned (sequential files) Chapter 10.2
String Methods
Practice exercise 12 (getWord) Chapter 6.1
Searching Arrays
Sorting Arrays Practice exercise 13 (searching)
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Creating Classes and Objects
Chapter 8.1
Object-Oriented Example
Wed, 5/19 Exam 3: 12:30-2:30