CIS 220
Fine Print

Office Hours

I often keep my door closed when I am in my office so feel free to knock. The best way to set up an appointment is through email, but phone tag can work as well.  I often answer questions after class, so I may need a few minutes to return to my office.    

 Text Book and Software

Most text books now offer online supplements.  The Course Information page lists the text and provides a link to the text web site.

Visual Basic is available through the Microsoft Alliance.  Once the class roll stabilizes student names will be submitted and you will then be allowed access to download the software.  You will be sent a password, so be sure to check both your ISU email address as well as your spam filter to be sure that you receive the password.

A word of caution: If you do not have at least a DSL connection you might want to consider ordering the CDs from Microsoft.  They are less than $20 at last check.  Visual Studio .Net is 1.5 GB and the MSDN Library (if you decide to download it) is at least 3 GB, so they will take a while to download even with a fast conenction.

Student Preparation

Students are responsible for preparing for class by reading pre-assigned readings before the appropriate lecture and completing assignments by the assigned due dates.

More Fine Print

Any assignments turned in on a virus infected disk will be returned with a grade of zero. 

Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period of the due date. 

Assignment grades will be reduced by 20% for every 24 hours from the due time.  

If you get behind in this class you will not survive, so I will be strict in enforcing the late policy.  

Hardcopies (printouts) and disks must be turned in for every assignment. 

It is your responsibility to make sure the needed files in the required configuration are actually on the CD you turn in and that the CD actually works. If you are not sure, try opening the homework on a different computer than the one that you developed it on.

Tests will be closed book and notes except that you may use a single 3"x5" "crib card" of notes that you have prepared yourself. Any crib card will be turned in with your test.

All programming assignments must conform to the variable and object naming standards. In general programs will be graded based on meeting assignment specifications, use of standard interface design, modular code, code readability, and internal documentation. Code readability includes indenting and formatting code so that it may be easily read. A concise block comment should be placed at the top of each procedure and function including your name, date, and a description of the function or procedure's goal or purpose. Including and subsequent to assignment 3, solutions lacking sufficient subroutines and functions will be down graded.

Object Naming Standards

Object Type Naming Convention
Form FRM
Command Button / 3D Command Button CMD
List Box LST
Combo Box CMB
Text Box TXT
Picture Box PIC
Label / 3D Label LBL
Option Button / 3D Option Button OPT
Check Box / 3D Check Box CHK
File List Box FIL
Directory List Box DIR
Class CLS
Drive List Box DRV