Assignment List (Subject to Change)

Be sure to thoroughly document all assignments. See note below.

Due Date Assignment Demo Objective
xx/xx P1: Mortgage Calculator w/o Error Checking    demo / hint
grading rubric
Arithmetic Statements
xx/xx P2: Mortgage Calculator w/ Error Checking demo
grading rubric
If/Then/Else, Format
xx/xx P3: Amortization Schedule demo
grading rubric
xx/xx P4: Calendar Program  demo
grading rubric 
Functions, Select-Case
xx/xx P5: Parameter Passing demo
grading rubric 
xx/xx P6: Hank the Roach demo
graphic demo
grading rubric
Subs, Functions
xx/xx P7: Theater Seat Selector demo
grading rubric 
1-D Arrays
xx/xx P8: Magic Square demo
grading rubric
2-D Arrays
xx/xx P9: Text Analyzer: Deliverable I Text File*
File I/O, Strings
xx/xx P9: Text Analyzer: Deliverable II Search List*
Scanning of Text
grading rubric
Sorting, Searching