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Tue, 01/15 Introduction
Agent Introduction

MSDN Downloads
Thu, 01/17 Event-Driven Programming
Problem Solving Techniques
Tue, 01/22 Using VB 
Running a VB Program

Practice exercise 1 assigned (intro)
Chapter 1  
Thu, 01/24 Variables, Constants and Data Types
Memory Concepts
Arithmetic Operators
Practice exercise 2 assigned (arithmetic)
Chapter 2  
Tue, 01/29 P1 Discussion
Relational, and Logical Operators
Program Planning
Chapter 2
Thu, 01/31 Algorithms, Pseudocode, and Flowcharts
Sample Programs

Control Structures
     Agent Explanation of Control Structures
Error Checking
Practice exercise 3 assigned (selection & iteration)
Chapter 3
Tue, 02/05 Selection Functions
Chapter 3
Thu, 02/07 Finish Iteration
Tracing Programs
Selection and Iteration Cases
Practice exercise 4 assigned (looping)
Chapter 3
Tue, 02/12 Finish Selection and Iteration Cases
List Box, Printing, Date/Time
Debugger -- Guest Speaker: Chris Joslin
MSDN Search
Chapter 3
Thu, 02/14 Programming discussion
Practice exercise 5 assigned (more selection and iteration)
Tue, 02/19 Review
Thu, 02/21 Mid Term Exam #1
Tue, 02/26 Guest Speaker: Chad D. Winward, Corporate I.T. Manager, Varsity Contractors
Thu, 02/28 Subs and Functions
Exam Discussion
Chapter 4.1
Tue, 03/04 Parameter passing
Thu, 03/06 Finish Parameter passing
Animated Explanation of ByVal

Animated Explanation of ByRef

Practice exercise 6 assigned (simple subs)
Tue, 03/11 Programming Discussion (simple calculator)
Testing & Debugging Procedures
Thu, 03/13 Design & Modularization
Parameter Passing Demo

Scope and Lifetime
Practice exercise 7 assigned (parameter passing)
Tue, 03/18 One-dimensional Arrays
Arrays in Procedures
Chapter 5
Thu, 03/20 Applied Arrays: sub-arrays
Dynamic arrays
Practice exercise 8 assigned (simple 1D array)
Chapter 5
  Tue, 03/25 Spring Break '08    
Thu, 03/27 Spring Break '08
Tue, 04/01 Merging arrays
Applied Arrays: array assignment
Applied Arrays: parallel arrays
Practice exercise 9 assigned (applied arrays)
Thu, 04/03 Multidimensional Arrays (not on Exam 2)
Practice exercise 10 assigned (2D Arrays)
Chapter 5

Tue, 04/08 Review
Thu, 04/10 Mid Term Exam #2  
Tue, 04/15 File Processing
Exam Discussion
Practice exercise 11 assigned (sequential files)
Chapter 10.2
Thu, 04/17 String Methods
Practice exercise 12 assigned (getWord)
Chapter 6.1
Tue, 04/22 Searching Arrays
Thu, 04/24 Sorting Arrays 
Practice exercise 13 assigned (searching)  
Tue, 04/29 Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Creating Classes and Objects
Chapter 8.1
Thu, 05/01 Object-Oriented Example
Thu, 05/08 Final Exam: 12:30-2:30