Review Materials for CIS 220

Topic 1 - Using VB
     Using VB 
     Running a VB Program
  Topic 2 - Program Planning
     Event-Driven Programming
     Problem Solving Techniques

     Program Design
     Program Planning (ppt)
     Algorithms, Pseudocode, and Flowcharts
Topic 3 - Variables, Constants, and Data Types
     Variables, Constants and Data Types
     Memory Concepts

  Topic 4 - Operators
     Arithmetic Operators

     Relational Operators
     Logical Operators
Topic 5 - Control Structures
Control Structures
               Selection Functions

          Selection and Iteration Cases
  Topic 6 - Subs and Functions
     Subs and Functions

     Parameter passing
     Testing & Debugging Procedures
     Scope and Lifetime
     Design & Modularization
Topic 7 - Arrays
     One-dimensional Arrays
          Applied Arrays: sub-arrays
          Dynamic arrays
          Merging arrays
          Applied Arrays: array assignment
          Applied Arrays: parallel arrays
          Searching Arrays
          Sorting Arrays 
     Multidimensional Arrays
  Topic 8 - File Processing
     File Processing
Topic 9 - Intro to OO
     Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
     Creating Classes and Objects

     Instance Variables and Class Methods
     Instantiating and Interacting with Objects

     Object-Oriented Example