CIS 220 Tentative Program List
Fall 2005


  Assignment Demo* Objective
9/8   P1: Mortgage Calculator w/o Error Checking     demo / hint Arithmetic Statements
9/15   P2: Mortgage Calculator w/ Error Checking demo If/Then/Else, Format
9/22   P3: Perfect Numbers demo Nested Loops
10/11   P4: Calendar Program demo Functions, Select-Case
10/18   P5: Debugging Program demo Debugging, Parameters
10/25   P6: Herman the Fly demo
extra-credit demo
Subs, Functions
11/3   P7: Theater Seat Selector demo 1-D Arrays
11/29   P8: Magic Square demo 2-D Arrays
12/6   P9: Text Analyzer: Deliverable I Text File*           Demo File I/O, Strings
12/8   P9: Text Analyzer: Deliverable II Search List
Scanning of Text
Sorting, Searching

* Be sure to download before running.  To download, right click on the link and select Save Link As...