Computer Science Minor

Some students in other disciplines may find increased knowledge about CS to be useful. The required courses are detailed below:

Required Courses
Course# Name Prereq
MATH 1170 or
MATH 1160
Calculus I or MATH 1144 or MATH 1147.
Applied Calculus MATH 1143 or MATH 1147
CS 1181 Computer Science and Programming I MATH 1143 or MATH 1147 (Coreq okay)
Problem solving methods and algorithm development with an emphasis on programming style. Secure software design/coding concepts for resilient software. Satisfies objective 7 of the general education requirements.
CS 1182 Computer Science and Programming II CS 1181 or
INFO 1181
Object-oriented programming and design. Sorting and Searching. Recursion. Event-driven programming. UML class-diagrams. Secure software design/coding concepts for resilient software systems.
CS 2275 Computer Organization and Assembly CS 1181 or
INFO 1181 (Coreq okay)
Computer organization from the perspective of instructions, including the central processor, busses, input and output units, and memory units. Instruction sets, loaders and linkers, assembly language, address computation, and other architecture-related functions. Virtual memory. Dynamic and static linking. Uses a different programming language.
CS 2282 Advanced Programming I CS 1182 or
INFO 1182
Advanced object oriented programming and software OOP design and development in a modern object-oriented language not previously used. Event driven programming. Elementary threading. UML. Includes a significant software project. Uses a different programming language.
CS 3381 Data Structures and Programming CS 1182 or
INFO 1182
Plus six credits from the list of approved electives for the CS major.
  • Any 3000 or 4000 level Computer Science course
  • INFO 4407, 4487, 4491, 4412 through 4416, 4419, 4499
  • MGT 3329; EE 3345, 4413, 4416, 4417, 4427, 4475, 4494
  • MATH 3355, 3356, 4406, 4407, 4408, 4441, 4442, 4450, 4451, 4465, PHIL 4470
  • Other electives may be approved by the Program Director or Chair on a case by case basis.

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