CIS Required Course List

Course Flow Diagram

The CIS course flow diagram shows the courses required by the CIS major, including program prerequisites and a list of electives that satisfy the major requirements.

CIS 1110 — Web Development: Essentials

(Prerequisite course for major courses, but not part of major)
3 Credits — Fall, Spring
Prereq: CIS 1101 or equivalent skills

Introduction to the fundamentals of web site creation. Students will develop, manage, and maintain professional web sites using HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheets. Web site design and layout will be explored, as will accessibility and globalization issues.

CIS 1120 — Web Development: Client-Side Programming

3 Credits — Fall, Spring
Prereq: CIS 1110

Introduces interactive and responsive web development using a client-side language like JavaScript. Basic programming concepts common to almost all programming languages form the basis of the course. Exercises are designed to enhance students' problem solving techniques and analytical thinking skills.

CIS 2285 — Introduction to Software and Systems Architecture

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 1120 or CS 1181

This course provides students with a general overview of the use of information technology in a business setting and provides an introductory technical understanding of the hardware, software and networking elements comprising information technology infrastructure for a small business. The material presented is intended to provide a foundation for future study in the development, operation and management of information technology for use in businesses and other organizational enterprises.

CIS 3301 — Information Systems and Problem Solving

(Prerequisite course for major courses, but not part of major)
3 Credits — Fall, Spring
Prereq or CoReq: MGT 2216 or any statistics course and CIS 1101 equivalent skills and knowledge

Techniques and tools for analyzing and solving business problems. Development of technology-based knowledge and skills for communicating solutions.

CIS 4403 — Systems Analysis and Logical Design

3 Credits — Fall
Prereq: CIS 3301, junior status.

Systems analysis and design provides a general understanding of the systems development life cycle. Students will develop systems analysis skills, using modern CASE techniques, prototyping with a relational database, structured analysis and design phases of the systems development life cycle.

CIS 4407 — Database Design and Implementation

3 Credits — Spring
Prereq: CIS 1120 or CS 1181, and CIS 4403

This course is designed to provide an overall understanding of database management systems. It will emphasize relational database systems because of their widespread use. Physical design/implementation of multi-user relational DBMS is introduced, as is the use of stored procedures, advanced SQL, query optimization, transaction processing, DBMS information assurance and administration. Secure object-oriented design, programming and UML.

CIS 2220 — Foundations of Computer Programming

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: MATH 1143, CIS 1120, or any programming course.

Introduction to concepts of computers and computer-programming hardware and software, programming with an object-oriented visual language, data structures, file organization and processing.

CIS 3320 — Advanced Business Programming

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 2220

Advanced programming; dynamic data structures; file organization and processing; efficient searching and sorting techniques. Includes study of an object-oriented visual language and a comparison with a modern database language.

CIS 4411 — Intermediate Information Assurance

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 2285 or CIS 3310, or permission of instructor. Prereq OR Coreq: CIS 1120.

Focuses on homeland security, information assurance, integrity, control, and privacy. Covers CNSS-4011, NIST-800-16 standards, national policy, and international treaties.

CIS 4430 — Ebusiness and Web Development

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 1120

Technical and business topics related to conducting business over the Internet and other networks, including implementation technologies, electronic money and funds transfer, legal and regulatory considerations, security and privacy issues.

CIS 4440 — Object-Oriented Development

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 2220

The organization of software as a collection of discrete objects incorporating both data and operations performed on that data. Concepts of object-oriented development, including classes, inheritance, and encapsulation in a modern object-oriented language.

CIS 4482 — Advanced Systems Analysis and Design

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 3320, CIS 4403, CIS 4407, MGT 3312, MGT 3329, FIN 3315, FIN 3317, and MKTG 3325, or graduate status. Coreq: CIS 4482L.

Provides the knowledge and tools necessary to develop a physical design and an operational computerized system in a secure environment.

CIS 4485 — Network and Communication Systems

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 2285 or permission of instructor.

Study of the implementation and development of network information systems. Protocols and techniques will be compared.

CIS 4486 — Business System Simulation

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 1120, MGT 2217, or permission of instructor.

Study, construction, and operation of computer simulations as aids for management and administrative decisions.

CIS 4487 — Software Systems Study of the Software Implementation Process

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 4403

In addition to system optimization techniques, management strategies will be discussed.

CIS 4490 — Management of Information ­Systems and Information Security

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: CIS 3302 or permission of instructor.

Study of the problems associated with the organization, management and operation of information technology services.

CIS 4491 — Seminar in Computer Information Systems

3 Credits — By Demand

Reading, discussion, and reporting on selected topics. Restricted to senior/graduate students in business with consent of the instructor. May be repeated for up to 6 credits with permission of the instructor.

CIS 4492 — Special Problems in Computer Information Systems

1-3 Credits — By Demand

Research and reports on problems or topics in computer science. Restricted to senior/graduate students in business, with consent of dean. May be repeated for up to 9 credits with different content.

CIS 4493 — Advanced Computer Information Systems Internship

3 Credits — Fall, Spring

Significant business experience coordinated by the faculty to provide broad exposure to computer information system issues.

MGT 4482 — Project Management

3 Credits — By Demand
Prereq: MGT 3329 or permission of instructor

Philosophy and tools of project management focusing on applied methodologies. Addresses project scope, breakdown structure, schedules, and closure following professionally accepted industry standards. May be repeated for up to 9 credits.


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