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Campus Closure Numbers:

  • Pocatello: 282-3936
  • Idaho Falls: 282-7825

Upload Site

The upload site is

For guidelines on accessing the site click here.

Grade Request Form

FERPA regulations discourage sending student grades by email unless the student clearly indicates their awareness that email is not secure. Notification of grades via email is permissible since the student must authenticate using an ID and password.

To make it a little easier for you, I set up a Grade Request Form at

Please use the form whenever you want me to send you a grade.


Assignments will be graded using Firefox, or some other standards-compliant browser.

You can download Firefox here.


Do you know what is involved in teaching? What are your professors' responsibilities? Do you even know what a PhD is? My blog contains some reflections on what your teachers are doing when they are not standing in front of the classroom so that you know what we're up to. The writing is an ongoing process and I haven't had time to update it recently, but you can visit it at


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