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IT Salary Outlook 2019

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STEM jobs – those requiring a mastery of science, technology, engineering or math skills – are overwhelmingly in high demand and will account for about 38% of all high-skill jobs created; they are also typically among the highest paid.

The IT salary picture for 2017 is decidedly encouraging. Knowledgeable tech workers are in great demand, which means companies need to offer big paychecks to hire the IT talent they need. Tech pros now hold the position of power in the hiring market.

IT professionals are doing better and better relative to other workers around them. IT approaches the ranks of law, business, and finance as a pathway to upper-tier pay packages. For top tech talent, compensation is clearly at par with other leading earners.

This trend toward healthy IT salary levels will likely only increase, due to one inevitable fact: the role of technology is growing in every nook and cranny of society. Without tech experts, everything stops.

The IT salary numbers in the list below are from Robert Half, and show average starting salary nationwide. Note that salaries vary by region, by industry, by company, and by individual. This is not a guarantee that you will be offered a comparable salary.

2017 Informatics and CS Salaries
Title Salary Range % Change
Systems Analyst $84,500- $125,000 3.3%
Applications Architect $124,500- $178,750 3.5%
Business Systems Analyst $86,250- $127,000 3.5%
Developer/Programmer Analyst $83,000- $143,250 4.3%
Lead Applications Developer $115,000- $167,000 3.9%
Mobile Applications Developer $118,750- $182,250 3.4%
Staff Consultant $81,250- $121,500 3.7%
IT Auditor $98,500- $153,000 4.9%
Database Developer $108,000- $161,500 5.1%
Database Administrator $98,500- $148,500 3.6%
Data Architect $131,250- $184,000 4.1%
Data Modeler $111,000- $161,500 3.9%
QA Associate/Analyst $67,000- $102,750 2.7%
Web Developer $82,750- $135,500 4.9%
Front-End Web Developer $83,250- $119,500 6.2%
Web Administrator $70,750- $111,500 4.1%
Web Designer $70,500- $118,000 5.2%
Network Administrator $78,000- $117,750 4.0%
Mainframe Systems Programmer $64,000- $89,500 2.8%
Network Security Administrator $107,750- $155,250 5.1%
Software Engineer $108,250- $164,500 5.2%
Software Developer $93,000- $155,000 5.0%
Systems Administrator $69,000- $112,000 3.4%
Add the percentage below, based on national averages, to IT salaries for the following skills:
Skill Addition
AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development skills 5%
Business Objects skills 5%
C# development skills 7%
Java development skills 8%
LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python) skills 7%
.NET development skills 7%
PHP development skills 7%
Python skills 6%
Web services development skills 7%
Performance testing (e.g., Mercury Interactive Tools) skills 5%
Basic administration skills 4%
Cisco network administration skills 7%
LINUX/UNIX administration skills 7%
Virtualization skills 7%
The starting salary ranges provided above reflect the national averages for each position.
  • To determine the estimated salary range for a position in the Boise area, multiply the salary figure by .861.
  • To determine the estimated salary range for a position in Utah, multiply the salary figure by 1.04.

Source of data for this table: Robert Half 2017 Hiring and Compensation Trends.

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