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Health informatics integrates applied computer science and healthcare administration into a single field in order to develop strategic uses of information technology to address the challenges that healthcare organizations face, and to revolutionize healthcare practice and research.

The Health Informatics degree helps bridge the long-standing gap between the medical and administrative knowledge possessed by healthcare personnel and the information technology knowledge possessed by technologists.

A career in Health Informatics offers a way to combine two very strong interests: information systems and care, focusing on the business and information systems behind the healthcare system. A Health Informatics degree makes it possible to not only help others but still earn a great salary.

Health Informatics professionals must keep current in computer and software technology as well as in all federal and state laws that regulate the use and security of electronic patient records. They are expected to stay up-to-date in clinical guidelines and medical terminology. In addition, Health Informatics professionals are also tasked with keeping patient, hospital, and practitioner data secure and accurate.

The Health Informatics major is designed to enable graduates to enter careers in information systems usage in healthcare organizations. Information systems play an increasingly important role in the burgeoning healthcare field. The Health Informatics degree is intended to develop the skills necessary to manage information systems in a healthcare environment.

Health care poses very unique and challenging obstacles to Informatics. The protection of confidential patient information, the complexity of health information models, the changing health landscape, and the required adherence to governmental initiatives, all create external forces that must be managed to ensure the successful implementation of health solutions.

If you want to use your Informatics knowledge to truly make a difference in other people's lives, Health Informatics is the major for you!


Health Informatics is STEM!

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education.

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes are assigned to every major in order to classify the program. Every major offered by the ICS department has a CIP code indicating that it is a STEM Designated Degree Program, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The CPI code assigned to our Health Informatics majors is 51.2706 (Medical Informatics).

The course flow below shows the courses required in the Health Informatics degree as it appears in the 2016-2017 Academic Catalog.


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Note that ISU also offers a Master's degree in Health Informatics.

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