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Business Informatics is an emerging interdisciplinary field of study that combines computer science and business administration into one field. Integrating computer technology into vital business operations can provide a business with a competitive advantage based on innovative and superior application of information technology.

The Business Informatics major prepares students for a wide variety of careers, including systems analysis, application software development, web development, and database design.

The Business Informatics degree is highly technically oriented. The curriculum includes five programming courses along with the more traditional Systems Analysis and Design course and a Database Design and Implementation course. We take the study of software development even further with a Systems Development & Implementation Methodologies course that focuses on the implementation phase using approaches like the Agile Development Methodology.

Prospective students and recruiters have inquired about the degree of technical rigor of the Business Informatics degree in comparison to a Computer Science degree. The diagram below shows a rough estimate of the technical content of ISU's Business Informatics degree compared to the Computer Science degree.

Techical centent of degrees.

With this emphasis on programming and software development, along with a breadth of course offerings that include analytical thinking and problem solving, communication, system modeling, and business concepts, Business Informatics majors are valuable to employers both for their technical skills as well as their business knowledge and ability to solve organizational problems.

All modern organizations rely on information technology to function, and Business Informatics majors are uniquely positioned to apply that technology to effectively support an organization’s operations.

The course flow below shows the courses required in the Business Informatics degree as it appears in the 2016-2017 Academic Catalog.

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